Hey, need some therapy?
Who doesn't.

Brand Therapy for the Modern Business
Brands are like people & they should talk like it

Branding is more than just a logo and buzzwords.
It's a competitive advantage that helps you cut through the noise, magnify your voice, build a tribe, and increase your moolah.

Through a collaborative 4-phase therapy session, we build you a branding strategy that turns heads and inspires meaningful action.

brand therapy | how it works

Hop on our virtual couch, get cozy, and let’s get to work.

For the hustlin,' wallet-happy, & "take this off my plate, please" brand:

PHASE 1: brand identity
A deceivingly simple, yet powerful DNA map outlining your brand's characteristics and how they make people feel.

PHASE 2: brand story
Concise and human-centric narrative. These are bite-sized, yet powerful words that sometimes feel impossible to nail down. Think | tagline, mission, about us, etc.

PHASE 3: hometown makeover
Digital platform renovation. Polished copy and formatting adjustments across your website and 2 social media channels.

PHASE 4: brand guide
A detailed non-fluff blueprint outlining how to apply brand identity and story across brand touchpoints - visually & verbally.

The whole kit & caboodle
6-8 weeks | $4-5k

or how about diy brand therapy?

L-L-launching in october, y'all.

For the scrappy, frugal-hearted & time-rich brand:

This SELF-LED DIY brand therapy workshop helps you extract your brand story & identity
so you can share it with the world.

diy workshop goodies
-build-it-yourself branding guide
-3+ hours of on-demand video
-Mucho handouts & resources
-1:1 mentor sessions
-On-the-go mobile content

how much we talkin'?
4 weeks | $500

heard through the grapevine

Curated Compass helped us massively update our brand communications. They clearly identified the heart of who we are and succinctly put it into words. The 4-phase process helped us peel back the layers of who we are and why we show up every day.It was fun, personal, and essential in including our brand communications.
– Serkan Kurtuluş, Founder & CEO

Refreshing. This is what comes to mind when I think of my experience working with Curated Compass. They brought my brand identity to the next level. As a fresh small business owner, it can be tough to get started. They breathed life and natural order into what I felt like was a mess. Curated Compass helped me envision a future - and they made it FUN. Looking back, I can't imagine what my company would be without CC's guidance!
– Tara Lynn, Founder & CEO

We enjoy working with Curated Compass. They are responsive, detail-oriented and excellent communicators. We especially like that they prep every meeting with an agenda, helping keep us organized and on-track. Thank you!!
– Tom & Rachel Ruginis,
Founder & Creative Director

I can't believe how quickly CC understood our business model and how best to explain the concept to our future customers. Their branding approach is creative, well thought out, and comprehensive. I completed the workshop only wanting more! It has been well worth the time and energy. Thank you, Mads!”
-Chelsea Crooks, Co-Owner

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