The Goods

Here’s our brand therapy session breakdown.

Phase I: We craft your brand voice map

A deceivingly simple, yet powerful character chart outlining who you are and how you make people feel. This handy map is an everlasting guide to all your communications, for eons to come. 


We send a curated questionnaire to extract soulful, vulnerable, and authentic nuggets about your brand then we start sketching out your one-of-a-kind brand voice map. This is a pretty collaborative process and the most important step in your journey.

Phase II: We develop concise, compelling, and human-centric messaging guidelines

The main points everyone should know about your brand. These are the bite-sized, yet impactful words that sometimes feel impossible to nail down.


Time to sharpen our pencils and hop into the nuts and bolts of your business. We get to know what your brand is all about and develop language to convey it to your audience.

Phase III: We build a curated communications blueprint

A detailed non-fluff tool outlining how to apply brand voice and messaging across every communications touchpoint.


With any business, there are a ton of moving parts – all these parts have to communicate. With this blueprint, your social media manager, salesperson, customer service rep, and executive team will uniformly and authentically communicate what the brand is all about.

Phase IV: We give your digital platforms a makeover

Polished copy and formatting adjustments reflective of your brand voice across your website and two social media platforms.


Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll put that new and shiny brand voice map and messaging into play and provide updates to your website and two social media platforms of your choice.

*Two rounds of revisions per phase because we like ya.


4-Phase Therapy Session: €6-8k



Can I take a peek at a brand voice map? Blueprint?

Yeah, but we’d have to kill you first. JK, yes – no problem. Shoot us an email and we’ll give you a brief sneak peek.


Price, can you be more specific?

Happy to – we intentionally keep it open because it depends on how deep you want to go. However, we pretty consistently work within a basic budget range of €6-8k. More bells and whistles mean more moolah, but we promise it’s worth your while.


Is brand therapy a thing?

Yep, we’ve made it a thing. Just like people go to therapy to better understand themselves, our clients come to us to better understand who they are as a brand. It’s about digging deep to remember why you exist and what you offer to the world. We give your team the communications tools to represent the brand with conviction while supporting your growth for years to come.


You guys are always on-the-go, how would we work together?

We are at your beckon call. Not really, we have lives too, however, we’re really good at adapting to our clients’ needs. This includes time zones, preferred communications channels, timelines, etc. We’ve been at this for a bit though, and we know what works well, so we’re happy to take the lead and then adjust to your speed.


Curious about anything else? Let’s hang out and talk. We’re eager to learn and start brand therapy whenever you are.