Ever since I was little, I collected maps of every kind. I wanted to push boundaries to stir up more good in this world. I loved storytelling and understood that artists existed in every nook and cranny of my life – my childhood friend from church, that middle aged man I met on a Yosemite trail, that new acquaintance I met at a birthday party at Golden Gate Park, and the woman who birthed me. Today, I’m still in awe of these people who are pursuing their art – from painting, to floristry, to woodworking, to photography – and they deserve the world’s eyes on their work.

While I don’t have a knack for flower arranging or carving a pourover stand, I can craft an appealing spotlight for their gift. Through unique storytelling, public relations, digital marketing and social media, I’m the person who knows how to engage an audience to drive success and growth for artists, entrepreneurs, small business, and nonprofits. I live to help dissect your passion and wield a pedestal for it to live on so all can see.

Curated Compass is a place for artists and do-gooders to learn about the ever-changing communications landscape. I’ll teach you how to apply strategic PR and marketing practices to help you spread your work and art across channels, oceans, and communities. Want to hear more? Let’s hang.


I’m a west coast midwest hybrid from the states. I was raised amongst good hearted loyal folk in Chicago and then had my official coming out in San Francisco where I was bathed in fresh ideals and became a committed weekend explorer.

After studying PR/Communications at DePaul University, I’ve made a few homes at multiple PR agencies across the country, GOLIN, Access Emanate Communications (a Ketchum agency), Motion PR, etc. and I’ve worked with big brands like Unilever Ice Cream (MAGNUM, Breyers, Good Humor, Popsicle, etc.) and tech giants like Intuit QuickBooks. I am completely hooked on media relations as an industry sport and I’ve secured coverage in outlets like Associated Press, CNBC, Forbes, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, POPSUGAR, etc.

While I’ve loved working for the big guys, I’m excited to invest all that I’ve learned in working with my true heros, everyday creatives and do-gooders.

I’m currently traveling overseas in pursuit of adventure and new people I can learn from. I’ll be documenting my experience through the N.S.E.W. journal and via other multi-media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), all while I enable creatives and do-gooders to grow their passions through communications.

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